Tuesday :: Apr 4, 2006


by eriposte

I'm sure there will a lot more commentary as this news reverberates through D.C. and Texas. But I'd like to highlight some key points about DeLay's action.

Chris at MyDD:

I want to re-emphasize something I noted in the comments. This is much bigger and more important than any one seat could ever mean. It does not matter whether or not DeLay can be replaced on the ballot (he can). It does not matter whether we win or lose this seat, because in a district this red we could have only held it for one term anyway. The point is that the corrupt former majority leader of the Republican House has cowardly cut and run from his own district. He surrendered in the face of his own legal troubles, and was too frightened to face the voters of his own district. Even on primary night last month, he hid under a pile of lobbyist's coats in D.C. because he was too scared to face the voters.

And this is the man that every Republican in congress once voted as their leader, a scared, cowardly, corrupt, surrender monkey who has now literally cut and run from his home district rather than face the music from voters. That is the modern Republican Party, and the conservative movement for you in a nutshell. Who cares about one congressional election. One of the four or five most important cogs in the Republican political machine has been permanently removed.

Markos (DailyKos):

And Republicans will pretend that all of DeLay's sins will wash away and no longer affect congressional Republicans. And the media bots will dutifully repeat that spin.

Except that every Republican in Congress enabled DeLay. They all fed from his trough. They even tried to change House rules to allow him to continue serving as House leader while under indictment. And DeLay's cowardly resignation is further proof of just how corrupt and corrosive he really was.

Democrats shouldn't stop reminding anyone who will listen about that.

DeLay is without a doubt the face and essence of the Republican Party. The GOP shilled for him, enabled him at every possible occasion, participated in his crooked and corrupt K-street machinery, and defended his criminality no end. They conspired together to dramatically compromise America's strengths by lining their own pockets and that of key campaign contributors. We shouldn't forget that.

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