Tuesday :: Apr 4, 2006

DeLay Should Only Be The First Of Many

by Steve

"Simply put Tom is one of the most effective and gifted leaders the Republican Party has ever known. He was a tireless advocate for his constituents, the state of Texas, and all Americans who shared a commitment to the principles of smaller government, more freedom, and family values."


“He has served our nation with integrity and honor, and I'm honored to call him my colleague and friend."

--House Majority Leader John Boehner, last night

Look, the GOP and its friends in the media can spin this any way they want, but Tom DeLay can count, and after Tony Rudy, Michael Scanlon, and Jack Abramoff went scurrying to get their best deals possible from prosecutors, DeLay knew that it was only a matter of time until it was his turn. Oh, he certainly still denies publicly any ethical transgressions or that he ever broke any laws or did anything for personal gain, but that is to be expected in a flawed delusion man such as DeLay. I’m just happy to see a dolt like Boehner give Democrats such bulletin board material for the rest of the summer, because when DeLay cuts his deal, Boehner’s quote should be rammed down his throat when the white-hot media spotlight focuses on him later this year. And it will.

But the problem facing the GOP is bigger than just DeLay, who is emblematic of a party that has corralled power these last ten years for self-enrichment, and not for realigning a country’s priorities. As Josh Marshall has said, everything on K Street and everything inside the House GOP caucus is tied to DeLay. There can be no simple separation. Worse yet, the whole party’s fortunes are tied to a president who will drag down vulnerable incumbents this November with him. The question still remains as to whether or not Democrats will be able to take full advantage of this, and convince voters that it is time for a major change in our politics. Forcing the media to pay more attention to folks like Bob Ney, Richard Pombo, Boehner, and yes, even Denny Hastert is the unending job of the Democratic opposition over these coming months.

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