Wednesday :: Apr 5, 2006

Morning Update

by Steve

Read this piece in today’s USA Today, which concludes that the GOP is in trouble this November, and note the comments of Charlie Cook.

Yes, the super-wealthy have done quite well from Bush’s tax cuts on investment income. And exactly how many more good jobs have been created here at home from such giveaways to the rich?

It is becoming clear that Tom DeLay hung around long enough to vanquish three GOP rivals in the primary for being disloyal by challenging him, and to raise enough money from the usual dupes for him to divert from campaign funds into his legal defense fund.

CBS thinks they are helping themselves by, in essence, dumping Dan Rather and now legitimate newsman Bob Schieffer for Katie Couric. I know the White House is happy. (Updated to reflect Schieffer's solid work as an interim successor to Rather)

If you want to know what Bush really thinks about establishing democracy in Iraq, read his budget.

Dana Milbank writes a nice puff piece on Cap Weinberger’s life and funeral, and Iran-Contra merits only one sentence. Your check is waiting at the RNC Dana.

Guess who is paying House GOP members to keep our port security system weaker than it should be? Wal-Mart.

You might be surprised to see who is coming to Hillary’s defense lately. Al D’Amato and William F. Buckley.

Vanity Fair ruins Scottie McClellan’s day.

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