Thursday :: Apr 6, 2006

Immigration Deal Reached - GOP Will Be The Loser

by Steve

Reid and Frist have just agreed to a compromise on an immigration reform measure. Who looks happier in the picture above?

The deal would treat illegal immigrants differently depending on how long they have been in the country. But the GOP has managed a trifecta on this issue. They managed to demagogue the subject, riling up their base, only to see Frist cut a deal that attempts now to take the issue off the table for the 2006 midterms. As a result, the GOP will have a base that is less than happy with the deal, thereby creating the possibility that with the issue being off the table now, it is one less reason to drive wingers to the polls. Yet the GOP managed to show their true colors to the Catholic Church and Latino voters. And this deal still has to be forced down the throats of the wingers in the House, and if they blow it up, then the GOP will get its comeuppance with Latinos and the church this fall to an even greater degree.

As for the Democrats, no wonder Reid looks happier than Frist.

Image courtesy of Reuters

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