Tuesday :: Apr 11, 2006

Open Thread

by Mary

The Plame Investigation continues to (slowly) uncover the misuse of intelligence and the lies that were told by the Bush adminstration as they took the country to war in Iraq. Nevertheless, this investigation continues to be the key thread in unraveling the lies -- even more so than the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Are you finding anyone who still trusts Bush (both for his trustworthiness and his competence) enough to think he should have a second chance to redeem his name? Is there anyone left who believes he can be trusted to deal with Iran? Fortunately, since the most credible people say we *don't* believe Iran can produce a nuclear weapon for 5 years, that means we can just wait for a more intelligent and capable administration before handling this problem. Everyone needs to just say no to Bush and his meglo-maniacal dreams to salvage his legacy by bombing the sh*t out of Iran.

Okay? It's your turn now.

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