Tuesday :: Apr 11, 2006

Gingrich Says Iraq Occupation Was A Mistake - Talks Up Iran

by Steve

Newt Gingrich told an audience at the University of South Dakota yesterday that it was a mistake to occupy Iraq after the summer of 2003, and that we should pull almost all of our troops out of the country now, and leave only a small force behind. But just when you think he sounds sensible about Iraq, he then says that we could deal with Iran with our navy and air force, and that they won't come to the table until we convince them that we will topple their regime.

Yeah, I'm sure we'll be able to convince the Iranian leadership that a massive illegal strike against their country by an imperial power will lead to a popular uprising against the government. After all, why shouldn't young Iranians want George W. Bush to be their daddy and role model instead of their own countrymen, especially after the pride all Iranians will feel at thumbing their nose at the imperialists, developing a nuclear program within the confines of the NPT, becoming energy independent, and seeing Bush make an ass of himself repeatedly and rewarding another country for violating the NPT (India).

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