Tuesday :: Apr 11, 2006

Nearly Two-Thirds Think Bush Acting Illegally Or Unethically In Leaking Information

by Steve

A new Gallup poll shows that nearly two-thirds of those polled think that Bush did something illegal (21%) or unethical (42%) in the leaking of intelligence information to reporters for political purposes. The poll was conducted April 7-9; just as Patrick Fitzgerald’s latest court filing became widely known last Thursday and Friday, April 6-7. The poll had a sample with 35% Democrats, 33% Independents, and 31% Republicans, which is more typical of other pollsters these last twelve months.

Note from the poll that the more attentive people are to the issue, the more likely those respondents think Bush has acted illegally. Given Fox News’ avoidance of this issue, it isn’t surprising that their audience, the least attentive to this issue, feel that Bush has done nothing wrong.

Also note the broad generalization and lead-burying by Gallup, that the leak case hasn’t affected Bush’s already-low poll numbers. In fact his current rating of 37% is one of the lowest readings ever in a Gallup poll, and that these latest results came from a poll that was taking only days after Fitzgerald’s revelation.

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