Tuesday :: Apr 11, 2006

Shooter Gets Booed

by Steve

How many morons work in the White House? Apparently plenty.

Wasn’t there at least one brave and clear-headed staffer in the White House who had the guts to tell senior staff how stupid it would be for Shooter to make a public appearance in an uncontrolled event like a baseball game? Wasn’t there at least one staffer who would speak up and say, “Uh sir, do we really want the Vice President to subject himself to a thrashing by throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game?”

(Watch the video here.)

This is fresh evidence that “groupthink” permeates this administration. For this reason, despite Bush’s “wild speculation” denials yesterday, I have no doubt that the White House is seriously considering military strikes against Iran right now, for the simple reason that there isn't one brave soul inside that building who has the guts to tell Bush and Cheney when they are f*cking crazy.

Image and links courtesy of the AP, ThinkProgress, and Crooks and Liars.

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