Thursday :: Apr 13, 2006

Any Bets Bu$hCo Didn't See This One Coming Either?

by pessimist

I used to love seeing Antonio Prohias' Spy Vs Spy series in Mad Magazine when I was a kid (what would they make of the recent 'intelligence' events!)

Considering what a wonderful job Bu$hCo's spooks [NOT the real intelligence pros!] have been doing since Jan, 2001, is there any wonder why questions are finally being asked about whether the investment in Bu$hCo Undercover Inc. should be continued?

Concerns surround the United States' $44 billion intelligence apparatus:

• Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told reporters earlier this year the Bush administration was surprised by Hamas' victory in January's Palestinian elections. "Nobody saw it coming," she said. She did not single out any one U.S. intelligence agency. Rep. Jane Harman of California called it "a stunning failure."

• After being briefed on the latest U.S. intelligence on Iran, Harman said she found the evidence on Iranian nuclear weapons programs unconvincing and "not where it needs to be."

• The Pentagon still dominates intelligence decision-making, despite Congress' intent to create more civilian control, said John Pike of, a Washington-based defense think tank.

And now for the coup de grace: The Gipper wouldn't have approved:

John Lehman, a member of the 9/11 Commission and Navy secretary under President Reagan, said Negroponte is a prisoner of a Bush administration tendency to address problems by creating large entities such as the Homeland Security Department.
"This is really a big-government administration," Lehman said in an interview.

Other Republican vultures are swooping down on the carcass of L'Espionage Bu$hCo:

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence is "not adding any value" by enlarging the bureaucracy, said Rep. Pete Hoekstra, a Michigan Republican who leads the House Intelligence Committee.

Considering that Bu$hCo just about completely gutted Civil Service (not that it would apply here for obvious reasons), what would be the concern about staffing the Mayberry Mossad only with true believers?

Osama Attacks Near Tora Bora
Last month, a bipartisan majority of Hoekstra's committee asked Congress to freeze part of the agency's budget until it answers lawmakers' concerns, including worries that new employees are being hired too quickly.

But... But... It's HARD! We're AT WAR!

Congress isn't swayed like easy Red Staters by such 'persuasive' arguments:

Harman, the committee's ranking Democrat, said [Director of National Intelligence John] Negroponte should concentrate on improving the quality of intelligence, not on new hires and office space.

"He needs to focus on capability, not on buildings, billets (budgeted positions) and bureaucracy," Harman said. "What we're lacking is leadership, leadership and leadership."

Once a bureaucracy takes root, Hoekstra said, "It's awfully hard to get rid of."

This is what Al Gore should have realized back in 2000! Now that it's too late for prevention, a cure must be activated.

Listening, DNC?

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