Monday :: Apr 17, 2006

Left Behind? I'm Raptured!

by pessimist

Did anyone notice yesterday that a whole lot of businesses that are normally open on Sundays weren't yesterday? I have no hard data, but it seems like more businesses were closed yesterday than even at Christmas! For instance, I've heard that some 'Always Open' Denny's restaurants were closed, along with ritzier places that would be receiving holiday customers taking Mom out. Many retailers - some which were open on Christmas - were also closed.

I had heard nothing about anything organized, as if this was some kind of a warning of the power of the Radical Republican Religious, but it's too widespread for it to be anything else. All I can add - if I'm right - is that it sure was nice not having 'Christians' flipping me the bird as I drove on the empty freeways out here in SoCal!

Maybe being 'Left Behind' won't be such a bad thing after all!

What did you notice yesterday?

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