Thursday :: Apr 20, 2006

Harper's kicks off investigative journalism blog

by eriposte

Harper's magazine has a new investigative journalism/analysis blog and one of the key journalists publishing at the blog is Ken Silverstein (the Washington Editor for Harper's):

A former reporter for the Los Angeles Times, Silverstein has covered such topics as intelligence collaboration between the CIA and controversial foreign governments in Sudan and Libya, political corruption in Washington, and links between American oil companies and repressive foreign governments. His 2004 series “The Politics of Petroleum,” co-written with T. Christian Miller, won an Overseas Press Club Award....

Silverstein has been an outspoken gadfly in the newspaper business. In December of 2005, a memo he wrote to his editors at the Los Angeles Times expressing his dismay over their insistence on false “balance” was discussed in an article by Michael Massing in The New York Review of Books. While reporting on potential voter fraud in St. Louis in 2004, Silverstein was angered to learn that his findings were to be woven into a larger “balanced” piece on accusations being made nationwide, when it was clear that Republican charges of irregularities in St. Louis were insubstantial. “I am completely exasperated by this approach to the news,” Silverstein wrote. “The idea seems to be that we go out to report but when it comes time to write we turn off our brains and repeat the spin from both sides.”

I saw that last part and I said - oh, that guy! Anyway, make sure you bookmark the new Harpers blog. Silverstein already has a number of interesting posts this week.

The Curt Weldon Employment Agency in which he discusses how Weldon helped a contractor get a billion+ dollar contract and out of total 'coincidence' the contractor had hired his daughter .

The CIA "Wehrmacht" which suggests that a revolt of sorts may be brewing within the CIA against the Bush administration's illegal actions.

Our Friend Teodoro about Equatorial Guniea's incredibly corrupt dictator whom Condi Rice and the Bush administration welcomed warmly.

The Making of a Lobbyist which discusses an under-reported story - that of Jack Abramoff's service to the former South African apartheid Government. As Silverstein says "Abramoff's career in apartheid South Africa shows that he never had a moral compass at all."

Check out the blog.

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