Thursday :: Apr 20, 2006

Oh, Yeah, Weekly Unemployment Claims Are Above 300,000 Once Again

by Steve

After downplaying the fact for weeks that first-time filings for unemployment insurance have gone back over the 300,000 mark, the AP trumpets this morning that in the most recent week, such filings fell 10,000 to only 303,000. Burying the lead, down in the story it indicates that the number of people continuing to collect unemployment benefits increased by 18,000 to 2.439 million, but this is supposedly an improvement because last year at this time there were 200,000 more people on unemployment. So that’s how we measure success in the Bush economy? After a year of supposedly strong economic growth, the best we can do is knock 200,000 people off of the rolls, with a sharp increase in consumer prices last month, $4.50 gas staring some of us in the face, and the leading economic indicators pointing to a slowing economy at the time of the midterm elections?

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