Friday :: Apr 21, 2006

Mid-Day Update

by Steve

Poor Shooter can't stay awake yesterday at a briefing with Bush and Chinese leader Hu Jintao. (Hat tip to RawStory and the NY Post)

Watch “60 Minutes” Sunday. The Agency’s long-awaited pushback against the Bush Administration will kick into high gear.

The Bush Administration is telling Russia that it must cancel weapons sales to Iran. Forget it, it isn’t going to happen, and Pooty-Poot will give the finger to any demands from Little Caesar. Iran has already agreed in the last day to fully comply with IAEA inspection requests and to provide whatever information the IAEA wants, despite the rhetoric from the whack-job presidents of both countries (Iran and the United States). Furthermore, Iran is still compliant with the NPT, a fact that is lost on the war-cheerleading media here in this country.

Katherine Harris is getting drubbed by incumbent Senator Bill Nelson for this fall’s match up in Florida, but at least she thinks she has sexual power over the inquiring student media.

Feingold’s censure call led to a huge increase in his PAC contributions in March.

Oil hit $75 a barrel today. Where is that “jawboning” Mr. President?

It appears that the deadlock in Iraq about whether or not Prime Minister al-Jaafari would step aside for a new Shiite nominee has been broken, now that Grand Ayatollah Sistani has weighed in.

The Abu Gonzales Justice Department just gave its approval to Georgia’s voter identification card law.

The AP reports that the James Sensenbrenner House GOP bill on immigration has the potential to split Catholics from the GOP this fall. Duh.

GOP Representative Curt Weldon, who has dogged the Clinton and Bush Administrations about Able Danger and going after Iran, has some explaining to do.

Will Harriet Miers be the next to go at the White House, and will Bush be able to cope?

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