Saturday :: Apr 22, 2006

Pooty-Poot Sticks It To Bush Today On Iran

by Steve

A day after Condi Rice and the Bush Administration demanded that Vladimir Putin stop any arm sales or other assistance to Iran, we got to see how much influence Bush has with Pooty-Poot. Today, Russia gave Iran all the political cover it needs to forestall any Security Council sanctions while undermining any international support for a preemptive strike by the Bush Administration.

Iran's envoy to the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency said Saturday the Islamic republic had reached a "basic deal" with the Kremlin to form a joint uranium enrichment venture on Russian territory, state-run television reported.
Ali Asghar Soltanieh, envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency, "spoke of a basic agreement between Iran and Russia to set up a joint uranium enrichment firm on Russian soil," Iranian state television reported.

This deal muddies up the situation just enough to dismantle any attempt by Bush to build a case for a preemptive strike. That doesn’t mean Bush won’t still do it, but it does mean that if Bush does, he will be acting as an international outlaw. It also means that Russia and probably now China will stop any Security Council vote for sanctions, and both will seek arrangements with Iran that will in effect legitimize their entry into the nuclear club, a move that was made certain when Bush rewarded India for violating the NPT.

And we have another 33 months of this foreign policy ineptitude to look forward to.

Update: Russia has now come out and warned others not to threaten Iran with sanctions or military force. I wonder when was the last time W looked into Putin's soul?

Update #2: As commenter Brian Bell noted earlier, Iran is now backing away from saying they are near a new deal with Russia on uranium, and instead are saying that they are working with Russia to bring the February discussions to completion. In another setback to the Bush Administration, Iran and India announced today that despite White House opposition, the two countries and Pakistan would work towards agreement on a major gas pipeline in June. The project would feed Iranian gas to India.

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