Saturday :: Apr 22, 2006

Missed GOP Opportunities On The Environment, Physical Fitness

by Steve

I read this story today about Bush’s bike ride in the wine country. I will pass on the usual criticism that would be expected for a man who demands that everyone ride behind him, because there are psychological issues evident with such a person, yet given his stressful job, I understand Bush’s desire to not be crowded and have nothing but open space ahead of him.

But read how Bush enjoys such rides, and the joy he apparently gets from riding his bike out in nature and getting a good workout, and then ask yourself why he seemingly loses no sleep when his administration supports despoiling nature to please his corporate benefactors?

"I still ride the mountain bike primarily to help settle the soul and to burn off the excess energy one gets when you're living life to its fullest," Bush told an Associated Press reporter who accompanied him on the ride.
"We're able to enjoy the beauty without really disrupting the pristine nature of the place," the mud-splattered president said after the 65-minute ride. "It's a classic way for mankind to enjoy God's gift. Plus, we get some exercise."

Living life to its fullest? Enjoying God’s gift? If you are so supportive of people enjoying God’s gift Mr. President, why are you so willing to make sure that others don’t have that opportunity?

If there was a president who could lead a national campaign on the benefits of exercise and against our societal obesity affliction, it would be the physically-fit Bush. Yet have you ever seen this administration willing to challenge the food industry, and marry that with a physical fitness campaign and effort to keep nature as pristine as possible for all of us to enjoy for physical fitness, not just presidents?

No, neither have I. Look, I stick it to this guy daily, but as a 49 year-old guy who could lose a few pounds, I respect Bush for being physically fit in his late fifties and showing the discipline to stay that way. We can all joke about his work schedule and ability to work out whenever he wants, where he wants, and with whom he wants, but the man is in good shape nonetheless and could be an effective role model and spokesman for this country on nutrition, fitness, and yes, the environment if he was so inclined.

And that's the point; he isn't so inclined, when he could be, and could lead by example.

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