Monday :: Apr 24, 2006

Mid-Day Update - Scared GOP Edition

by Steve

How scared is the GOP leadership about the damage rising gas prices can do to their majorities this fall?

Don’t look now, but Bush is about to be left behind by his own party on global warming. Bloomberg today reports that a growing number of GOP senators and representatives are now supportive of more action to curb emissions. The GOP seems to be prodded along by first-hand visits to see the melting permafrost, increasing support for preservation amongst evangelicals, and a looming political bloodbath this fall.

As for that political bloodbath, according to Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire today, Stuart Rothenberg says the Democrats are not only in good shape to make gains this fall in the House, but they are also poised to pick up several Senate seats as well. Raw Story reports that for the first time in years Rahm Emanuel’s DCCC House campaign committee has erased the GOP’s cash advantage, while Chuck Schumer’s DSCC Senate campaign committee is trouncing Liddy Dole’s GOP operation.

So what are Bill Frist and Rick Santorum doing to prevent a GOP drubbing this fall? They are working with the Catholic Church to demonize gays again.

Walter Shapiro says that the Democrats are positioned to take control of Ohio this fall.

As Treasury Secretary John Snow gives signs that he will leave this week, White House staffers show signs of “fear and moaning” and worry that they will be next.

An eighth general has called for Rummy to go, this time on Fox of all places.

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