Tuesday :: Apr 25, 2006

Mid-Day Update: al-Zarqawi Emerges

by Steve

Image courtesy of MSNBC.com

The man Bush let escape several times emerged today to taunt us.

Zbigniew Brzezinski says today in an International Herald Tribune editorial that an attack against Iran by Bush without congressional authorization is worthy of impeachment, and stupid to boot.

Tony Snow may actually get the White House spokesperson job, if the White House meets his conditions for control and access. This will be a hoot for the next three years to have Fox formally running the White House media operation, and a guy with Snow’s baggage out there everyday. Especially when Snow doesn't think so highly of Bush, yet is willing to eat his words just so he can kiss the ring.

Yes, Porter Goss was told to dump the Democrats from the CIA. And the Agency’s story doesn’t look like anything but a political hit and smear job.

In light of Bush’s decision today to tap the SPR to manipulate gas prices, will he be firing his Energy Secretary, who just last week said it wasn’t a good idea to mess with the SPR? But then, this White House doesn’t read polls.

The Bush Administration’s record of futility in prosecuting alleged Al Qaeda sympathizers is intact after a mistrial was declared today in a case here in California that relied upon a flawed informant. Update: In the second part of this prosecution, against the younger half of the father/son who were brought to trial, the government did obtain a conviction on several counts this afternoon.

And for those of you who downplay the Democrats' chances to take back the House this fall, I give you this.

Hat tip to Raw Story, Taegan Goddard, ThinkProgress, and Crooks and Liars.

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