Wednesday :: Apr 26, 2006

Clearing The Pretty Party Tables

by pessimist

The Texas Tea Party is over.

The wrong-wing media jackals that helped impress George W. Bu$h on an unsuspecting American public have now begun turning on their own creation. Unfortunately for them, by doing so they only reveal themselves to be cowardly opportunists whose greed knows no bounds.

The two issues which have the talking heads the most riled are the price of gasoline and the immigration 'reform' proposed by Owwer Leedur.

No matter that they are screaming about, however, there is really only one issue which has inflamed their sorry gas-passers. What has the wrong-wing the most upset is that they are having to spend money - more than they planned for - on necessities. They have been believing so deeply in the false prosperity promises of a failed wildcatter that reality has hit them hard where it hurts them the most.

Out here in LA, the wrong-wingers must smell blood in the water, for just weeks after defending the indefensible actions of the guy they protect with their lies and obfuscations, they can't seem to say enough bad about him.

The gas prices are certainly an issue, especially if one lost a good paying job and is now folding tortillas at Taco Bell for a living. Not only is the cost of getting around, higher, but the cost of transportation is beginning to show up everywhere - grocery stores, merchandise retailers, travel...

This reality is interfering with the expression of the 'something for nothing' behavior of Bu$hCo and those who followed them over the cliff, but then when one is falling from a great height, one's interests will of necessity shift to something a little more realistic - like survival.

There is no handy vine to which to cling, no being from another planet to swoop in and halt our descent, no miracle machine to disolve us for relocation to a safer environment. We get to enjoy the perspective experience a bird while we swiftly return to our own domain through the effects of the gravity of reality.

If America is going to survive as a nation and still resemble what it used to be before Reagan and the Bu$h Family crumbled it under their greedy totalitarian heels, we are going to need to get real. We are going to have admit that we are powerless over our addiction to the easy life, that we need assistance, make amends where necessary, and be willing to do what it takes to heal ourselves and our nation.

We are going to have to grow up, to stop buying in to the idea that happiness comes from expensive and destructively wasteful toys. We are going to have to learn responsibility, to ourselves, our families, our nation, and our world. We are going to have to stop taking more than our share just because we can wave a nuclear pistol in the faces of those from whom we take.

I read a quote from Alexis de Tocqueville recently, which goes something like "When America ceases to be good, it will cease to be great." The bad news is - we are ceasing to be great. The good news is - once we get rid of Bu$h and his ilk from that seat of power, we have a chance to again be good.

There is still much America can do to fix the problems we helped to create, and even some of the problems which predate the founding of our nation. It won't be easy, but we as a nation have faced great difficulties in the past and still prevailed. It won't be cheap, but we as a nation have paid great costs in the past and still prospered. It won't be quick, but we as a nation have shown great patience in the past.

All of this, and more, is possible if we have a vision and the desire to see it through. It will take a village, no matter what those Yellow Elephant self-made-up men want to think. All of this, and more, is possible if we have a leader who isn't only interested in promoting the benefits to a few at the expense of the rest.

But what is possible isn't necessarily what is. The first task at hand to to see to it that the possible becomes what is.

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