Wednesday :: Apr 26, 2006

After Dubai Deal Outrage Has Faded, GOP Votes Today Against Screening All Cargo Containers

by Steve

Remember all of the talk during the Dubai ports deal about how Congress was going to take the lead from the Bush Administration on improving port security? Remember all the GOP House members who talked a good game about container inspection?

After weeks of lobbying by retail and shipping industry interests, and at a time when the House GOP leadership is trying to force through a watered-down lobbying “reform” measure, when no one was looking today these same House GOP members voted against requiring all containers to be screened. But they did manage to pocket the campaign contributions from the industry though.

It’s just one more club the Democrats will use against GOP incumbents this fall, along with how GOP corruption and industry influence has led to the current gas price disaster facing voters, specifically because the GOP has allowed Big Oil to write the energy bills and policy since Bush has been president.

With so many GOP seats in play this year, stories like these help Rahm Emanuel and the DCCC compete for control of the House.

Hat tip to Jesse Lee at the DCCC’s Stakeholder blog

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