Wednesday :: Apr 26, 2006

Now Even The GOP Wants To Go After The Oil Companies

by Steve

It’s not that I think anything will come of it, but I enjoy seeing Republicans call for the tax records of oil companies, and to advocate for the full repeal of all tax breaks and subsidies that were given to the industry in last year’s energy bill. It is a little hypocritical for Pete Domenici to call for the industry to lose those breaks, when it was his top aide whom he allowed to write the energy bill to line the pockets of the nuclear energy industry as he was moving back and forth between Domenici’s office and the industry itself.

Democrats, it should be noted, also voted in large numbers for the energy bill. But Democrats have been out of power for five years, and are now taking advantage of that fact in blasting the GOP across the country for failing to do anything to diversify this country’s energy supplies and make this country more energy conserving and secure. This will be a winning issue for the Democrats this fall if they only hammer it over and over again as an example of how the GOP has sold this country out for private gain over public interest.

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