Thursday :: Apr 27, 2006

Another Flare From Luskin, And Is Goss Implicated In Cunningham Case?

by Steve

Here are two stories tonight that will keep you thinking. The first one has less credibility than the second. According to Friday’s New York Times, lawyers familiar with the case (read: Rove’s spinners) say that Patrick Fitzgerald will make a decision within weeks to charge Karl Rove with perjury or not, and that Fitzgerald is going over the transcripts of Rove’s Wednesday testimony to compare it to what he said in previous appearances. First, no one from Fitzgerald’s office would even provide such information on this case or set such a timeline, so you can rest assured that this is just another attempt by Rove’s attorney Robert Luskin to set expectations and control perceptions. Of course Fitzgerald is reviewing Wednesday’s testimony against previous testimony, but that doesn’t mean anything is imminent, nor does it mean that Fitz will decide in a matter of weeks.

The far more interesting story started this morning with a piece in the Wall Street Journal, where it was reported that the contractor who bribed Duke Cunningham, Brent Wilkes, apparently ran call girls for members of Congress. According to David Shuster of MSNBC, the federal prosecutors who are working the Duke Cunningham case are trying to get Cunningham and Wilkes to roll over on members of Congress who have been compromised by Wilkes’ blackmail operation. And who may be one of those members with ties to Wilkes? None other than a man we speculated upon two months ago: Porter Goss.

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