Friday :: Apr 28, 2006

An Unintended Consequence Of Tony Snow's Appointment

by Steve

Tony Snow’s ascension as simultaneous head spokesman for the state-sponsored media outlet and regime in power will have some unintended consequences, as we speculated on Wednesday. By making it official that Fox News has taken over the White House media and strategic disinformation apparatus, the rest of the media was likely to chafe at the notion that they were expected to play along. They won’t, and we should send a note of thanks to the Washington Post’s Jim VandeHei, who became the first reporter to ask Scott McClellan why Air Force One only carries Fox News on its TVs. After prodding by VandeHei, McClellan made sure that the reporters can watch CNN instead of Fox.

As DailyKos main page diarist thereisnospoon noted, Snow’s appointment may finally cause the media to confront the power of Fox News and openly hold it accountable for pushing propaganda packaged as news. We can only hope that the media notes finally that there are millions of Americans who never watch Fox because they know it for the Goebbels operation that it is.

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