Saturday :: Apr 29, 2006

Suing Blackwater: "They're the whores of war."

by Mary

Early 2004, before we knew about Abu Ghraib, we learned the name of Blackwater USA as four of their employees were trapped and killed in Falluja and their bodies dragged through the streets to be hung on the bridge over the Euphrates River. Back then, Americans didn't know where Falluja was and hadn't realized there were lots of private security guards making tons of money working in Iraq. The deaths of the security guards led to President Bush declaring "Bring Them On" and eventually the horrific flattening of the city after the election.

Yet, like so many stories from the Bush cheerleading machine, under the cover story is another that is significantly more serious and gets directly to the evil heart of this war and those who profit from it. After trying to find out what happened from Blackwater, the families of the dead men started to investigate what happened themselves and are now suing Blackwater for the wrongful deaths of the four men. The story that is coming out is an ugly one: namely that one of Blackwater's managers wanted to punish one of the men, Scott Helvenston, and sent him and three others into Falluja insufficiently manned (there should have been six men, not four assigned to the delivery) and with unarmored vehicles (because that allowed Blackwater to increase their profits). The Nation has a long and comprehensive look at what this suit is all about.

Scott's mother is angry that her son's death led to thousands of more deaths.

"Over a thousand people died because of what happened to Scotty that day," says Katy Helvenston. "There's a lot of innocent people that have died." While this suit doesn't mention the retaliatory US attack on Falluja that followed the Blackwater killings, the case is significant because it could blow the lid off a system that allows corporations to face zero liability while reaping huge profits in Iraq and other war zones. "Scotty's not going to die in vain," says his mother. "I'm driven and I'm not going to quit. They will be accountable."

What the suit also shows is the ugly profiteering in which Blackwater and its ilk are engaged. We Americans are paying enormous sums of money to enrich Blackwater's founder and other friends of Bush. What a waste and a disgrace this administration has proven to be. Read the whole piece and then contribute to help Robert Greenwald make the movie that documents who are the War Profiteers and how much they have gotten of our hard-earned tax dollars. We must insist that the truth be told and work to hold the bastards accountable.

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