Tuesday :: May 2, 2006

Memo To Beltway Media: Do Your Jobs And Stop Whining

by Steve

As an outgrowth of the Net Neutrality debate going on now, members of the fourth estate are telling bloggers in effect “tough luck, don’t expect us to lift a finger to help you.” Why? Because apparently the little babies are mad at the center-left for beating them up and sending them email floods to complain about their lack of balance in covering this White House. Oh please, stop eating the cocktail weenies folks and realize that when we beat you up, it is because we want you to do your jobs better.

When the right wing beats you up, it is because they don’t want you to do your job at all. There is a huge difference, and if Dana Milbank, Mike McCurry, or any of the party-goers inside the Beltway can’t see that, then they wasted their time at J-School.

Besides, ask yourself this: how many blogswarms have been directed at the reporters for Knight-Ridder? None. Do you know why that is, Mr. McCurry? Because for five years, the folks at KR have beaten the pants off the NYT, the WaPo, and the rest of the cocktail party crowd and done their jobs with a fraction of the budget that the cocktail party crowd have.

So spare me this self-pitying crap. I don’t favor sending threatening emails to reporters, and I maintain civil and productive relationships with the reporters than I deal with. But to whine about the center-left blogosphere while you allow the Mighty Wurlitzer to dictate not only how you do your job, but also whether or not you should even have a job is the all-too-typical shortsightedness of folks craving access over integrity and independence.

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