Tuesday :: May 2, 2006

Late Afternoon Update

by Steve

Image courtesy of ThinkProgress

Bush said this past Friday that the national anthem should be sung only in English, which of course explains why it was sung in Spanish, by him, at several campaign appearances. It was also sung in Spanish at his first inaugural, and at the White House. I guess his memory is faulty, right?

Even though Bush and his fellow liars have said numerous times that his administration has briefed congressional leaders and other members of Congress about the NSA spying program, Nancy Pelosi has been waiting over four months to find out who those members are, only to find out now that this information is "classified."

Bill Frist says that high gas prices are, you guessed it, Clinton’s fault. Why? Because if Clinton had approved opening up ANWR back in 1996, we could have used up that one-year’s supply of oil by now, and seen prices go down by a penny in the process. What a rube. And was perky-yet-stupid Katie up to speed on these facts? What do you think? Boy, it will be a long way down from Walter Cronkite to perky-yet-stupid.

An American general says that an attack upon Iran is fraught with peril, and since Bush listens to his military advisors, I guess we can rest easy that there will be no attack now. Along those lines, the same conservative media types who touted war against Iraq based on lies about their WMDs are now touting another war with Iran. Gee, should we trust them?

On the heels of an MSNBC report that Valerie Plame was working on Iran at the time her cover was blown by the Bush White House, Democratic senator Frank Lautenberg has sent a letter to Porter Goss asking for an Agency damage assessment.

It looks like the Bush White House and Bill Frist are quite comfortable with circuit court nominees who rule on cases that affect their own pocketbooks, which, given Frist’s insider trading on HCA stock should come as no surprise to anyone.

Mark Warner gets a nice write-up in Newsweek, but unfortunately he trashes populism at the same time. Yeah, that’ll work with the base and middle class, at a time of rising gas prices and unaffordable health insurance. Geez.

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