Tuesday :: May 2, 2006

Mid-week catchup

by eriposte

Evan Derkacz at Alternet's Peek has a great roundup on the net neutrality issue. He notes that Cong. Ed Markey (D-MA) has introduced the Network Neutrality Act of 2006. He also has links to The Agonist's Sean-Paul Kelley's video of the bamboozling of Rep. Charlie Gonzales (D-AT&T), a nice NYT editorial and to Matt Stoller's post providing links to resources for people to take action.

The Progressive Roundtable (a project of the Commonweal Institute) held a conference recently in which Markos was one of the speakers (introduced by Dave Johnson of Seeing the Forest). There's also a magic act. Videos here.

Dave at Seeing the Forest has a nice post discussing his conversation with former Virginia Governor Mark Warner. It's definitely worth a read.

J. Kingston Pierce has a long round-up at The Reaction titled "Bush Age: The Meltdown". Talking of which, did you know that Bush's Gallup disapproval rating (63%) equals the disapproval rating of Richard Nixon at the height of the Watergate scandal and has not been exceeded to date by any other President polled by Gallup?

Jessica at Feministing writes about the Supreme Court's rejection of an appeal by an anti-abortion group that was fined millions of dollars under a racketeering law for using "Wanted" posters to identify doctors who performed abortions. Which reminds me of this older post by Ampersand at Alas a Blog "Do They Really Believe Abortion is Murder?"

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