Tuesday :: May 2, 2006

Shameful Psychosis at The Wall Street Journal

by paradox

This has got to be one of the sickest things I have ever read in American journalism. Basically it says that because whites have achieved a racial superiority they should feel to bomb brown people into oblivion:

“There are no serious advocates of white supremacy in America today, because whites see this idea as morally repugnant. If there is still the odd white bigot out there surviving past his time, there are millions of whites who only feel goodwill toward minorities."

"This is a fact that must be integrated into our public life--absorbed as new history--so that America can once again feel the moral authority to seriously tackle its most profound problems. Then, if we decide to go to war, it can be with enough ferocity to win.”

I am not Steve Gilliard, Digby, Dave Neiwert, or Glen Greenwald. They can explain the myriad psychoses much better than I can—with better history, too—but I can say with all accuracy this demented, delusional, psychopathic, felonious, racist god-awful professor is no American.

He represents the worst humanity has to offer, and is a shameful example of citizenship. Let us pray his grossly homicidal views are seen for the evil it is.

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