Thursday :: May 4, 2006

Morning Update: Does Hillary, Like Warner, Plan To Eschew Populism For Passionless "Realism"?

by Steve

Gee, I know the economy is going great guns, but why have first-time filings for unemployment been on an upward trajectory over the last four weeks? A year ago at this time, first-time filings were 341,000, and now they are 322,000. Is that really the best we can do, this far into a Bush economic expansion?

Britain, France, and the Germany introduced a resolution at the Security Council on Iran yesterday that was immediately kneecapped by both Russia and China. Although the Bush Administration said the purpose of the resolution was not to set the stage for military action, the resolution was written under a section of the UN charter that can be enforced by either sanctions or force.

For a man who said he would never push problems off onto his successor, Bush is planning to do exactly that by extending his capital gains and dividend tax cuts to expire on the same date: January 1, 2011. This is why a Democratic congress will have to deal with tax fairness and reform when they take power next year.

David Broder endorses Joe Biden’s Iraq partitioning plan today, and don’t think that doesn’t have some significance inside the Beltway, not just now but also for 2008.

Howard Fineman chatted with James Carville, who told Fineman that if Hillary runs in 2008, she would run as a realist in a land of dreamers, push the concept of “progressive patriotism”, look for her own “Sister Souljah” moment perhaps with Social Security as the target, and may stay away from populism. Swell. As Fineman notes astutely, Team Clinton is more concerned about Mark Warner than they want to admit, because from these remarks it is clear that Hillary doesn’t want to concede any ground to Warner on her right. Apparently, when you are the 800-pound gorilla, you feel more able to move to the right and co-opt someone on that wing, and assume the base will be with you no matter what. And yet, this may be a mistake that both Warner and Clinton make, assuming the base will go along for the ride during the primaries while you act as the latest DLC poster child, without taking into account that Edwards, Feingold, and the other 800-pound gorilla Gore will happily blow your brains out from the left.

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