Friday :: May 5, 2006

Scooter's Team Loses Another One

by Steve

Scooter's high-cost legal team lost their latest gamble today, when Judge Reggie Walton denied their request for government documents surrounding Joe Wilson's trip to Niger.

Strike One.

Libby's legal team also said that they would call witnesses who would testify that Joe Wilson told them his wife worked for the CIA. But Patrick Fitzgerald responded that this was irrelevant, since he wasn't offering evidence that Libby damaged the CIA by exposing Valerie Plame, but was simply prosecuting Libby for lying to the FBI and the federal grand jury.

Strike Two.

Walton also decided against a gag order against leaks in the case, and appeared to be leaning against a defense request for any evidence Fitzgerald has about Karl Rove, allowing the prosecutor to keep his powder dry a little longer on Rove.

Strike Three.

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