Friday :: May 5, 2006

Looks Like Rummy And Shooter Will Get Direct Control Of The Agency

by Steve

Time magazine reported late today that former NSA director and current Negroponte underling General Michael Hayden will be announced early next week as Porter Goss’s replacement as Director of Central Intelligence. Hayden, who has already shown an inability to testify truthfully and accurately in his prior current job as NSA chief, will fit right in over at the Agency. In essence, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld gain direct control of the CIA with Hayden’s ascension. Even with that, Hayden will be an improvement over Goss, who seemingly took his appointment at CIA as a green light to install his congressional lackeys at the Agency to set fire to the place, on the assumption that Goss knew best from his time as chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Hayden values the technical side of intelligence gathering, which makes you wonder what makes him the best choice for the human intelligence side of the equation, aside from his loyalty to Rummy.

As Time and the Washington Post notes in Saturday's edition, Hayden’s selection will cause partisan fireworks during his confirmation process, and not just because of his close ties to Rummy and Shooter. There is a lot of unfinished business with Hayden over his interpretation of his authority to conduct the NSA spying program, and his confirmation hearings will provide the opportunity for critics to continue their assault on the Bush Administration’s illegality here, in an atmosphere of gross distrust of the administration, and Arlen Specter’s willingness to go toe-to-toe with the administration over congressional oversight of the Executive Branch.

But in reading the Post’s accounts (one with Pincus, and one by Dana Priest) of the damage that Goss did to the Agency in a short period of time, one can see how awful of a manager Bush is. First, he selects and installs a man into the job who had no business there in the first place. Then, he finds that he isn’t happy with the guy he just selected. He then sits by while Goss and his former staff aides set about to destroy the Agency by running out or forcing into retirement many high-level and experienced staff. Instead of dealing with that problem, he installs another dark and immoral man as a buffer between him and Goss (Negroponte), instead of dealing with the problem itself. And then, after becoming unhappy with how Goss has made the Agency dysfunctional and handled several major problems, he uses Josh Bolten’s ascension as the cover to finally make a move, but again, by picking someone who will cause just as many problems because of his own inadequacies and ties to those who got Bush into this problem in the first place (Cheney and Rummy).

Bush is inept, and an incompetent manager, someone who would never have lasted in many major corporations or even in state government, let alone as leader of the free world.

Image courtesy of Time and the AP

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