Saturday :: May 6, 2006

Southern Shia Appear Ready To Attack Brits Directly Now

by Steve

On a morning where another reporter checks out Rumsfeld’s backtrack this week in the face of Ray McGovern’s challenge Thursday and finds that Rumsfeld is lying once again, we get word that ten more American soldiers were killed in Afghanistan yesterday in a campaign against the Taliban, the same folks we should have finished off four years ago, but didn’t.

In Iraq, a British helicopter was shot down by a missile in the southern city of Basra today, and the Shiites cheered. When the British forces raced to the site to rescue their four comrades, they were attacked and driven off by the locals, leaving behind three armored personnel carriers. Up until recently, the Brits were well-received in the Shiite south, and had the support of the locals. But those days appear to be over. Since the Sadr forces control the south pretty well, this missile attack isn’t likely to have come from the Sunnis, which means that Moqtada al-Sadr’s forces may now be engaging the Brits directly in provocative attacks like these.

Given Blair’s political problems at home, this will only drive the Brits out of Iraq sooner.

Image courtesy of AFP

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