Monday :: May 8, 2006

WE Decide Who Governs!

by pessimist

Back in 1975, the US government became so very upset with the proposed actions of the government of Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam that they had his entire government dismissed from office to protect American interests.

Cut to 2006, and the US government is at it again! CBS News is reporting that Bu$hCo had British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw dismissed because he opposed the use of nuclear weapons against Iran.

CBS cites two articles published in The Independent and The Guardian as the basis of their report:

There is said to be jubilation this weekend among Washington's neo-conservatives at Mr Straw's demise. Jack Straw's fate was sealed in a phone call from the White House to Tony Blair last month, according to the former foreign secretary's friends. One retired senior US intelligence officer told his British counterpart recently that the White House lost confidence in the Foreign Secretary at least six months ago.
His fate was sealed when the White House called Mr Blair and asked why the foreign secretary kept saying these things. In any case, Mr Straw had boxed himself in on Iran to the extent that he would have had to resign if a military strike became a reality.

But not everyone in the Anglo-Saxon Realm is on George's Shit List. Right after treating China's Hu Jintao like a Third World supplicant and not inviting him to dine formally at the White House (he'd already eaten at Bill Gates' palace, after all!), Australian Prime Minister John Howard is to be feted at a State Dinner - something George reportedly dislikes intensely.

But getting back to Jack Straw, could it be that the real reason he got dismissed is he was getting too close to George's work wife?

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