Monday :: May 8, 2006

31 Flavors

by dj moonbat

Every time Steve has said Bush had hit rock bottom, I dissented: rock bottom, I said, was still a little lower—31 percent.

Well, we're already at 31%, and this is USA Today/Gallup. Maybe I set my sights too low.

"You hear people say he has a hard core that will never desert him, and that has been the case for most of the administration," says Charles Franklin, a political scientist at the University of Wisconsin who studies presidential approval ratings. "But for the last few months, we started to see that hard core seriously erode in support."

Presidentin' is hard work.

Update (from Soto): According to Gallup, this poll, which was done during the weekend (May 5-7) in the midst of the Goss resignation, had a sample comprised of 37% independents, 32% Democrats, and 29% Republicans. So any critics of the poll's low numbers for Bush cannot blame the results on the sample being tilted disproportionately in favor of the Democrats. But ask yourself this: If this poll had a 4-8 point advantage for the Democrats in self-identification, as many other pollsters have arrived at in the last several months after adjusting their samples to reflect census factors, how low would Bush's number be then?

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