Monday :: May 8, 2006

The Band Of Gyppers Is About To Cancel Their Tour

by pessimist

Welcome back, my friends, to the Show That's Gonna End! We're so glad you could attend, What a Scene, What a Scene!

As dj moonbat noted earlier, King George isn't well-loved by his 'subjects'. [More here] George's eyes will be RED as he sings those soulful GOP Blues tonight!

But the show doesn't start at the top of the bill! Other prominent GOP acts are also looking at the Big Final Curtain Drop!

For instance, In Florida alone, the GOP-dominated legislature kicked their 'rock star' governor off the tour bus like a used groupie::

Gov. Jeb Bush sustained some of the most stinging defeats of his political career last week from a rock-solid Republican legislature that still considers the governor a virtual rock star. [T]he setbacks faced by Florida's Republican idol signify ... a transition to a new landscape for the Republican party: the era without Jeb.

Then there's the opening act.

Speaking of used groupies, Jeb publicly dumped on (S)election 2000 conspirator Katharine Harris' dreams of a stylish Senatorial toga:

Gov. Jeb Bush said Monday that U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris has dropped so low in public opinion polls that she cannot unseat Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, unleashing his strongest statement yet about her struggling campaign. She has been dogged by staff turnover and her acceptance of $32,000 in illegal campaign contributions from defense contractor Mitchell Wade, who pleaded guilty to bribing former U.S. Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham, R-Calif.

Damn! She'd have had better luck staying with the Band of Gypper$ if instead of Loser-itis, she had the clap AND AIDS! And was pregnant without benefit of Radical Republican Religious Clergy to boot!

And the band's MC isn't faring well, either. Seems like some fans want him to go find something else to do.

The producer of the Band of Gyppers tour, Diebold, is facing several cancellations around the nation, but still can expect to book the Gyppers in some of their favorite venues - Ohio and Utah, but in Pennsylvania, the opening act - Man Dog Sex, starring Rick Santorum, might not be able to make the gig. In typical show biz dizziness, the Cashbox banner headline reporting the producer's statement about these developments might read Diebold Not to Blame for Diebold Disasters Says Diebold

But then, maybe The Band of Gyppers will prove to have better luck than most bands. Didn't Elvis and The Beatles hang onto devoted fans even though they suffered various versions (and combinations) of demise?

Paul Krugman looks at this phenomenon [courtesy of Atrios]:

[I]t turns out that many of the administration supporters can't handle the truth. They won't admit that they built a personality cult around a man who has proved almost pathetically unequal to the job. Nor will they admit that opponents of the Iraq war, whom they called traitors for warning that invading Iraq was a mistake, have been proved right. So they have taken refuge in the belief that a vast conspiracy of America-haters in the media is hiding the good news from the public.

And we can safely predict that these people will never concede that they were wrong. When the Iraq venture comes to a bad end, they won't blame those who led us into the quagmire; they'll claim that it was all the fault of the liberal media, which stabbed our troops in the back.

Get hip, Krugman! When that sorry tune was a hit, Rudy Vallee was just breaking into the business. I doubt it will play well in the era of Mobb Deep's Blood Money.

Instead, maybe Condi can be talked into emulating the Pussycat Dolls once she gets over her British Boyfriend losing his job.

Maybe that could save the tour for Diebold. Nothing else will.

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