Tuesday :: May 9, 2006

CBS Poll: Bush Down to 31%, Spends Too Much Time On Foreign Policy

by Steve

Image courtesy of CBS News

As a follow-up to the post below about how the DLC crowd is ready to convince us that the Democrats need to turn away from holding Bush accountable towards a “let’s look forward” mindset, I give you this:

President Bush and the Republican Congress show nearly record low ratings while Democrats are viewed much more favorably in their performance on the issues that matter most to Americans, according to the latest CBS News/New York Times poll.
Only 31% of those polled approve of Mr. Bush's job performance and 68% believe the United States is worse off today than it was before Bush became president.
Personal evaluations of Mr. Bush are the lowest they've ever been during his presidency. On the public's confidence in Bush's ability to handle a crisis, 51% had been the previous low in September 2005. That figure is now at 50%. The President's handling of the Hurricane Katrina crisis is tied to that decrease.

And for the DLC crowd that thinks Democrats need to spend more time on foreign policy and looking tough on national security,

There is also concern that Mr. Bush is spending too much time on foreign policy issues: 55% think so. Also, on the issues that are most important to Americans, Iraq and gas prices, Bush's ratings have dropped.

Oh, and in response to the idea that Democrats need to do something different on Iraq and talk about managing it better,

On the issues of Iraq and gas prices, the poll shows that the public believes Democrats are doing a better job. For instance, on Iraq, 48% said the Democratic Party is better while only 30% thought the Republican Party is. On keeping gas prices low, the disparity is even more pronounced: 57% say the Democrats perform better, while only 11% say the Republicans do.
Heading into the 2006 elections, Democrats look to have quite an advantage. For instance, if the elections were held today, 44% of registered voters said they would support the Democratic candidate in their congressional districts, while only 33% would support the GOP candidate.

But let's be sure we sound and act more like Republicans, right?

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