Wednesday :: May 10, 2006

Mid-Morning Update: Bush Touts Jeb For President; Holds Iran To The Iraq Standard

by Steve

Bush, doing the photo op today that Katherine Harris wanted desperately (AP photo)

George just gave brother Jeb the “Corleone” kiss over any future presidential ambitions. After what W has done to the Bush legacy, and what Katherine Harris and Jeb did to get George into the White House, there is no chance in hell that Jeb or any Florida Republican will ever be president. That sick little cabal can destroy each other for all I care. They deserve each other, and they deserve to see Harris take them down this year.

Bush just doesn’t get it. He is applying the same standard to Iran, that it must give up its nuclear program, which he did to Iraq, a country that was believed to be in violation of UN resolutions. The situation isn’t the same; Iran is not in violation of UN sanctions and may not be in violation of the NPT. Yet Bush is demanding something of Iran that it isn’t legally required to do.

We’re getting bitch-slapped by our own ally in the Coalition of the Willing over Guantanamo.

Hayden is already waffling from the Administration’s stance that the FISA law doesn’t bar Bush from doing what he wants on domestic spying, when he told Dick Durbin that he could support a congressional debate on modifying the FISA law to address Bush’s spying.

One of the American Taliban’s favorite judges and hopes for the Supreme Court gave up waiting for his shot and left the judiciary today to take a high-paying job at Boeing.

And Hillary thinks that W has charm and charisma, at a time when he has a 31% approval rating. If Hillary has that kind of judgment and is that willing to kiss ass to be president, then she has no business being the Democratic nominee. She is looking more and more like a DLC candidate every day, and shares with McCain the despicable willingness to do whatever is necessary with whomever it is necessary to be president.

Speaking of McCain, it looks like his late endorsement of Tom Osborne in the Nebraska GOP gubernatorial primary over the candidate endorsed by Chuck Hagel didn't help: Hagel's guy won. (hat tip to Murshed Zaheed)

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