Wednesday :: May 10, 2006

Afternoon Update - GOP Crime Blotter Edition

by Steve

After HUD’s spokeswoman tried and failed to spin Secretary Alphonso Jackson’s patronage and illegal approach to the awarding of HUD contracts to only Bush supporters by saying he made the whole thing up, she has now gone on a “scheduled leave” until next week. I hope she isn’t flying in a small plane.

When the Secret Service finally released the records of Jack Abramoff’s White House visits today in response to an agreement with a federal judge over a Judicial Watch lawsuit, they failed to report visits that are already known publicly, calling into question the degree of whitewashing going on here. I’m sure Judicial Watch will be back in front of the judge tomorrow.

You’ll recall that when Duke Cunningham was sentenced, it was expected that he would cooperate with federal investigators to get his time reduced. The federal investigator on the case now says that Duke isn’t cooperating like he is supposed to, and that the information the investigator suspects Duke is hiding will lead to a far larger scandal than we know now.

And an Ohio GOP fundraiser who is facing federal charges in connection to fundraising work for Bush now suddenly wants to change his plea from not guilty to guilty and apparently cut a deal. Stay tuned and get the popcorn.

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