Monday :: May 15, 2006

Not In Kansas Anymore, In Toto!

by pessimist

This has been a rough week for the Pessimist household. Tonight, we are going to Uncle Phil's memorial, carrying the news that Mrs. P's mother is dying of cancer and hasn't long to live.

Despite these personal tragedies, however, this story of a much larger tragedy caught my eye:

First Australian soldier dies serving in Iraq

The soldier, whose identity was not immediately released, was the Australian military's first casualty.

This doesn't begin to compare with the over-2400-and-counting toll suffered by US families, or the untold thousands of Iraqi families who mourn, but I doubt that the Australians are going to wait as long as Red State Americans have.

Last December 31, it was reported that Australian voter support for Prime Minister John Howard's decision to go to war in Iraq is in freefall, according to a Newspoll conducted exclusively for the Weekend Australian newspaper. By April, [Australian] support for Iraq war hits low. [More here].

I'm now watching for the reaction of the Australian people toward John Howard now that the free ride aboard the Bu$hCo Prosperity-Through-Pugnaciousness bus has ended. May he suffer the same fate as King George in Red State Ohio voters' minds.

I'm going to go say goodbye to Uncle Phil now. Then I have to go say goodbye to Mrs. P's mother. After that, it's back to bring about a farewell to the neo-confidence men who have caused so much pain and sadness in the world.

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