Monday :: May 15, 2006

Reid Throws Bush A Curveball On Immigration

by Steve

As Bush prepares to call for 5,000 6,000 National Guard troops to sit on the border and do nothing "temporarily", Harry Reid tried to get the jump on Bush's speech tonight by saying that before real progress can be made, Bush will have to publicly denounce the House bill. Since the reason Bush is even giving this speech tonight is to pull away enough GOP votes in the House to get them to pass the Senate bill, the likelihood of Bush denouncing the House bill and pissing off the base whose ass he is trying to kiss tonight is zilch.

And Reid knows it. While he is at it, perhaps Reid can remind folks that if the president says we don't have control of our borders, it may be the result of Bush nixing the funding for 10,000 border agents last year.

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