Thursday :: May 18, 2006

The Goodness Of Hypocrites

by pessimist

Supporters of King George who love to denigrate the media for not reporting the 'good news' from Occupied Iraq now have yet another issue to prove that they are the ones who don't understand what is really going on over there. This article comes from Australia, whose Prime Minister - John Howard - was just honored like royalty by Bu$hCo for services rendered:

Iraqi children suffering 'alarming' malnutrition: survey

A total of four million Iraqis, roughly 15 per cent of the population, were in dire need of humanitarian aid including food, up from 11 per cent in a 2003 report, the survey of more than 20,000 Iraqi households found. [A]lmost one child in every 10 aged between six months and five years, suffered acute malnourishment.

David Singh, a spokesman for UNICEF's Iraq Support Centre in neighbouring Jordan, said the number of acutely malnourished children had more than doubled, to 9 per cent in 2005 from 4 per cent in 2002, the last year of Saddam's rule.

It isn't hard to imagine someone wanting to oust an invader who won't make it possible feed his children.

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