Thursday :: May 18, 2006

TLC Roundup

by eriposte

I can't wait to see Al Gore's acclaimed movie/documentary on the grim reality of global warming - "An Inconvenient Truth". But did you know Sean Penn is supposedly being cast as Richard Clarke in the movie version of "Against All Enemies" (via ABC News' The Blotter)?

The Blotter has two other major stories too. Here's one (emphasis mine):

The head of a group of Federal Air Marshals says the service is badly broken

"Right now we cannot protect the public," says Frank Terreri, an active duty air marshal who represents a group of 1,500 air marshals. "And not because we're not proficient, not that we're not capable, it's because federal air marshal management, along with the Department of Homeland Security, won't let us do our jobs."

When the country is being ruled by His Royal Weakness, King George the Incompetent, who likes his subjects to feed him fairy tales or face the prospect of being fired, this shouldn't come as a surprise. Which is why its nice to see Americans United taking on Bush's unmatched incompetence on national security in their ads.

The other disturbing story (emphasis mine):

The Air Force's highest-ranking officer, General T. Michael Moseley, and his predecessor, Gen. John Jumper, are the subjects of an FBI investigation into the handling of a $49.9 million dollar contract for the Air Force Thunderbirds, the air demonstration squadron.

Law enforcement officials tell ABC News the FBI is investigating allegations the two Air Force generals helped to steer the Thunderbird contract to a friend, retired Air Force Gen. Hal Hornburg.

The Bush/GOP era will be remembered for one thing above all else: an almost unprecedented culture of corruption.

More disturbing is this news item from The Guardian [also see Douglas Farah - via Laura Rozen] alleging that:

The Pentagon has secretly shipped tens of thousands of small arms from Bosnia to Iraq in the past two years, using a web of private companies, at least one of which is a noted arms smuggler [Viktor Bout] blacklisted by Washington and the UN.

It's unclear if the shipment reached Iraq but for consistency's sake I hope Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld ask whether this suggests that Iraq has sought arms from America.

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