Tuesday :: May 23, 2006

Open Thread - Exhuming Clintonian Storylines Edition

by Steve

My, my; that didn't take long.

Hillary hasn't even been reelected in a landslide yet, and the NYT, which was more dogged in its hounding of her and Mr. Clinton over Whitewater than they ever have been in holding Bush accountable for anything, is already hitting the stands Tuesday with its first piece on the state of the Clintons' marriage. As a point of comparison, how many pieces has the NYT done on Bush's TANG records or service, or the land and tax deal he got while a part owner of the Texas Rangers? For that matter, I'm willing to bet that the NYT did more pieces on Whitewater than they have done in exploring how the Bush Administration handled and packaged pre-war intelligence.

The piece is somewhat balanced and not as bad as it could have been. In fact, I could argue that in coming out this early, the piece helps Hillary as an innoculator of sorts. But you will see many posts and rants in the center-left blogosphere today and in the coming days, and rightly so, about why the NYT is slobbering so early over the Clintons again, given their pathetic and eventually empty pursuit of them during the 1990's.

It's your turn.

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