Tuesday :: May 23, 2006

Keeping Us Safe From Ed McMahon

by Steve

It’s good to see that Abu Gonzales and the FTC are keeping us safe from Ed McMahon.

The 14-month investigation, dubbed Operation Global Con, has so far resulted in 139 arrests in the United States and another 426 in Canada, Costa Rica, the Netherlands and Spain.

Operation Global Con? Wasn't that the campaign to sell us the Iraq war?

Wow, 139 arrests. I wonder how many DOJ and FTC resources were committed to this project, after the FTC just yesterday exonerated the oil companies of collusion and price fixing in the aftermath of Katrina. Since they are so focused on phone and credit card scams, we can count on them to turn their attention now to televangelists, right?

By the way Abu, what about that Anthrax killer, the Plame case, or.. Oh, never mind. Abu only goes after reporters now.

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