Thursday :: May 25, 2006

Raping The Harvesters

by pessimist

The title is a message to all those Red State Free Soilers who helped to soil this nation with their votes in support of George W. Bush and the evil cabal he fronts. Just as they sowed the seeds of 'compassionate conservatism' upon the world, so shall they will be among those who discover the hard way what the harvest yeilds. They are about to be thrown over the side of the Ship of State

The US spends roughly $20 billion a year in farm support while complaining bitterly to the omnificent WTO about the tariffs the EU imposed to protect European farmers (among other sectors) from the economic realities of globalization. In order to protect more lucrative (and clearly, better politically-connected ) domestic economic sectors, a sacrifice had to be made - and it is the farmers who are about to be weeded out:

US will make "real" farm cuts in WTO deal - Portman
By Doug Palmer
May 25, 2006

The United States is prepared to make deep cuts in domestic farm spending as part of new a world trade deal, U.S. Trade Representative Rob Portman said on Thursday. "It's real and it cuts quite deeply in terms of the current support that is provided," Portman told reporters after signing a trade and investment cooperation pact with Swiss Economics Minister Joseph Deiss.

Portman has repeatedly pressed the European Union for deeper farm tariff cuts, saying what Brussels has offered so far would not generate "real" increases in trade. Portman has said for months that the United States is willing to go further in cutting farm subsidies if the EU and other countries offer meaningful farm tariff cuts.

Good thing you voted to support a Constitutional ban on gay marriage, isn't it?

The family farm has already been failing for many years even though most such farmers have been consistent GOP voters. This new move by Bu$hCo isn't going to change their fortunes much, as they have not received much of the largesse that gets handed out to Pioneers and Rangers. But this new promise to make cuts IS going to affect this latter group of well-heeled farmer wannabees.

Face it, guys - you made a bad investment. You've been had. Your greed led you to back a regime whose judgement has always been suspect, and you of all people (if farmers you truly were) would have been more aware that you were being peddled snake oil. But you chose to believe things you wouldn't have otherwise in order to assist a program of ridding the world of your religious enemies. You were so militant about aiding this short-sighted movement that you never bothered to read the fine print in the Contract On America you signed.

Only one of the things you didn't notice in your rush to do 'God's work' was the destruction of the economic system from which you benefitted so handsomely. It allowed you to look like farmers without really having to work like one. All you had to do was pay for it with the welfare of your nation, which was in support of your work like no other sector in America (short of the military-industrial complex).

But now, that's all gone - dried up like the fields you let go to seed in order to collect those fat non-produce subsidies from the USDA. You know better than most that when a field can't support the number of plant growing on it, you have to thin it out.

You just got thinned.

But rest assured! Those who remain will be thankful for your sacrifice, and will honor your memory once you are gone completely - NOT!

Still glad you voted Republican?

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