Friday :: May 26, 2006

Open Thread – Staged “Mea Culpa” Edition

by Steve

On a day when other events blew this off the stage, Bush and Blair put on a dog and pony show press conference late today, noteworthy because Bush seemingly finally admitted he made some mistakes in Iraq.

Bullshit. The whole act Thursday night was staged, from the way he talked about it, the way he looked up and to the side when admitting he screwed up with “bring it on” and “Mr. ‘Dead or Alive’” or allowing Abu Ghraib, and the way he winked and smiled at the reporters in the front row after his confessional. Of course, it was enough to fool Tweety and Nora O'Donnell once again, but they both get wet panties from everything Bush does.

Anyway, it’s your turn.

AP photo

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