Friday :: May 26, 2006

Was This Why The Rayburn Building Distraction?

by pessimist

The Wall Street Journal has published today an article that implies that King George is seeking to make peace with the Congress Critters over the FBI raid into the Congressional office of Louisiana Representative William Jefferson, which just happens to be in the Rayburn Building.

My guess is, considering that George ordered a 'freeze' on the already confiscated documents [WSJ], the olive branch was merely intended to allow the Congress Critters to again pay attention to their daily activities while the White House covert operatives planned to return to Rayburn to get everything they could from every [Democratic] office they had an interest in without interruption. They must have found something of interest in Jefferson's files, and wanted to get everything on those so implicated without going through legal channels.

After all, has anyone found anything to indicate who called in the report in the first place?

So much for the rule of law in this country, especially since politically-connected lawyers with no judicial experience are now routinely confirmed to lifetime sinecures. As much as I am saddened to admit it, I'm afraid that it is our Republic, and not King George, which is now having its final days. Everything else has been but distraction for deception.

Enjoy what's left - while it lasts.

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