Saturday :: May 27, 2006

New York Times Keeps Whoring

by paradox

There’s a masterful Media Matters column that Atrios has linked to, and right on cue, as is scripted, the New York Times trotted out that slut Elizabeth Bumiller to prove Foser right this morning.

The central thesis of Foser’s work is that Democrats are always portrayed negatively while detrimental coverage of Republicans is always ignored. Last week Bush actually admitted some mistakes about the Iraq war in a juvenile, evasive way; still, it was an event of vast importance, for our little war felon has never admitted a mistake before.

If you’re a prostitute like the New York Times, get a female writer to equate this as Bush as a chastened husband.

How cute, how easily understood by the rubes—everyone always answers the leash in a marriage, check out this titillating look into how Laura reined him in, Bush the Daddy figure fidgeting over some little transgression in the White House.

Bush is President, a felon in duality: Iraq and NSA. He is a gross liar who has irreparably smashed the reputation of the United States while being directly responsible for the deaths of at least 100,000 human souls. Everyone’s Dad is someone to love with respect; Bush sneers at us all, telling us our Constitution doesn’t apply to him. The law is his alone to rule us with, he of trillion dollar debt, death, and abuse of our people.

Right this second Baghdad is exploding in a flaming, horrifying carnage of civil war, a war of four distinct dimensions, according to Juan Cole. The morgue overflows every night, the corpses mutilated in ghoulish consistency—hell has descended upon Iraq.

Now, now, never mind. Look at our Daddy Bush, it isn’t cute how he got brought to heel a little by Laura, just like everybody’s Dad, just like every guy has had to do in his marriage?

I keep screaming into the wind that this is how we lose our Republic. For the love of Holy Christ, please know the United States is not invincible. This incredible media whoring is extremely dangerous, it’s simply a form of lying to ourselves over some of the gravest threats our Democracy has ever faced, namely George Bush.

If the Middle East explodes and gas goes to $5.00 in 2007, what will the New York Times write then? How hard it will be for Grandpa to adjust to retirement soon?

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