Sunday :: May 28, 2006

Cheney Doesn't Give A Damn About Protecting Congress

by Steve

You’ll recall that a central point in yesterday’s Washington Post story about the alleged threat by Abu Gonzales, Paul McNulty, and Robert Mueller to resign if Bush ordered them to return to William Jefferson the papers seized from his office was the claim that Dick Cheney and his chief of staff David Addington were against the FBI/DOJ raid on Jefferson’s office because of separation of powers concerns.

Addington -- who had worked as a staffer in the House and whose boss, Cheney, once served as a congressman -- quickly emerged as a key internal critic of raiding the office of a sitting House member. He raised heated objections to the Justice Department's legal rationale for the search during a meeting Sunday with McNulty and others, according to several sources.

The Post wanted us to believe that Dick Cheney was more concerned about protecting congressional rights to be free from executive branch searches and seizures than Abu and George W. Bush were. Yesterday, upon that notion among others, I called BS on that Post story.

Today, the Boston Globe’s Charlie Savage builds upon his earlier work to tell us that those same two proponents of an all-powerful unitary executive, Dick Cheney and David Addington, have been screening all bills passed by Congress for any impediments upon executive power that can supposedly be gutted through presidential signing statements. Contrary to what the Post wanted us to believe yesterday, Dick Cheney and David Addington are the last guys in the world who give a damn about protecting Congress on anything.

Yet the Post and its editors bought this load of White House spin hook, line, and sinker for yesterday’s piece. This proves that the Post and its editors can be counted on to buy and peddle any line of crap from the White House whenever Rove snaps his fingers. It is somewhat inconsistent for Cheney and Addington to be screening bills looking for congressional encroachments upon the unitary executive, and then to be suddenly concerned that a FBI/DOJ raid on a representative's office unduly infringes on constitutional separation of powers.

Hat tip to Christy over at FireDogLake for highlighting this today.

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