Sunday :: May 28, 2006

Who's In Charge, Here?

by pessimist

The state of the nation today could lead an impartial observer to wonder if there anyone is manning the tiller. The Boston Globe reports that he office of Vice President Dick Cheney routinely reviews pieces of legislation before they reach the president's desk, which may explain why W is in the same leaky lifeboat that was once his father's Ship of State.

Is it any wonder that Jebbie the Butt vehemently refuses to take on the job - for now?

In addition, there are plenty of good reasons to believe Al Gore when he shouts out yet again "I haven't made a Shermanesque statement because it just seems odd to do so."

Meanwhile, the two front-runners are seen as selling out even though they are sure to lose.

Worst of all, despite the stumbling first steps of the recovering media, the first line of responsibility for repairing he ruptured hull of the Ship of State, the voters, still cower in the hold instead of manning the pumps because of " their belief that election outcomes are not very important to their lives."

I would beg to differ, but the hold is almost full to the main deck, and the angle on the bow is increasing.

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