Wednesday :: May 31, 2006

Since You Ain't With Us, ...

by pessimist

Has George begun yet another war? According to the Commander of the Bolivian Army, he's tried:

U.S.-Conspiracy 'Dashed to Pieces' By Bolivian Military
May 29, 2006

Did George W. Bush give the green light for a conspiracy to topple the rightfully elected government of Bolivia? According to this article from the Venezuelan state news service [Original Article in Spanish Translated By Paula van de Werken], a coup plot with the American ambassador to Bolivia at its heart, has been foiled by the Bolivian armed forces.

Already condemned by Bolivian President Evo Morales, a desperate conspiracy to undertake a coup d'etat confronted the Commander of the Army, General Freddy Bersatti, who publicly proclaimed his loyalty. Yesterday, the military leader took this stance during Alo, Presidente, the televised program of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, which was transmitted near the border with Peru from the pre-Colombian ruins of Tiahuanaco, Prensa Latina reported.

After greeting President Chavez, Bersatti revealed that in 2005, while in command of the Army Officer's School, he had opposed an uprising against then-President Carlos Mesa, which may or may not have handed the government to the military high command, but in either case, would have shut down the Congress. He said he rejected the plan (at the time) because he was a simple soldier, as he remains today.

By making this statement, he showed his respect toward and support for President Evo Morales, as well as the unity of Latin America.

With the exception of Colombia, which supposedly overwhelmingly elected a right-wing government, the majority of Latin America has taken a leftward turn in their domestic politics. There are serious predictions that Nicaragua and Mexico will join that club.

Don't we have enough trouble because of your insane desire to outperform Julius Caesar, George? You might want to think about giving that wet dream up. If you were so unlucky as to have faced him, he'd have kicked your ass from here to Sunday.

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